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Glow with shaders

A little lightbulb on top of the tower made with glsl shaders. We are using XEffects library for some graphics effects and since this library is not supported any more we needed to make changes in the library in order … Continue reading

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Texturing terrain with a photo

We are turning terrain textures into apocalyptic mode and run thus into a problem of seamlessly tiled textures. We wanted to use a photo as a terrain texture, but the result was not so good. A really easy solution to … Continue reading

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Good looking is important

There is no doubt that a good looking user interface is important. No one says the opposite. But did you know exactly HOW important it is when you are programming something? We all see a huge success of Apple where … Continue reading

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2d GUI hell

Til now we’ve had much of our attention on the content of the game. Not game play, but the content like grid, digging, exploding bombs and making monsters walk. Now it’s time to reinvent a bicycle and implement some menus … Continue reading

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Inventory is implemented with CeGui. I should obviously work more on graphics :))

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Combining shader material with non-shader

It looks like it’s tricky to use a combination of materials with shaders and those without. To set the right lighting on materials with shaders we needed to switch on lighting in shaders. The light there is like a yellow … Continue reading

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