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Burnt Islands: I have built my first ship

Looks kind of creepy but it’s a progress. Such a ship would be able to dig terrain in all 4 directions whenever it flies.

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GLaDOS ceiling lamp that moves. Shut up and take my money

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Christmas vacation

We are taking some days off as a Christmas vacation. Although some of us can’t really lie it all down and here is a monster with its head buried in the ground. He he, he couldn’t even throw a bomb … Continue reading

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An idea for the next game

I recently found this site where you can generate game ideas, After trying a couple of times, I found this gem. A shooting game where you burn robot zombies but you don’t play a big role in the story … Continue reading

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Working name: Monster

We’ve finally chosen a game name for this project – Monster. It was also a leading name in our “game name” poll. The results were as follows: Monster (19%, 7 Votes) Zeal (16%, 6 Votes) Curicore (14%, 5 Votes) Core … Continue reading

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