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Burnt Islands: I have built my first ship

Looks kind of creepy but it’s a progress. Such a ship would be able to dig terrain in all 4 directions whenever it flies.

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Tools/weapons ship

We have started to work on a new big feature for Burnt Islands – a tool/weapon ship. Player will be able to build a ship from resources available in inventory. Form of the ship and tools/weapons as well as a … Continue reading

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Explosions with performance issues

A video of a “Blue eye” weapon explosion in Burnt Islands after refactoring threads in the game. We’ve had a real bottleneck here!

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Magic explosions

While testing a “Blue eye” weapon I noticed that you can shoot up in the air and the bombs will collide with each other making beautiful explosions. Also, this blue explosion cannot damage the ground any more, just robots. The … Continue reading

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Burnt Islands also in Russian

In our next release (0.13) that will come soon we are implementing support for Russian language. Partly because half of our studio are Russians and partly because we saw the following statistics from Steam: Language number two at Steam is … Continue reading

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Monsters factory

Big and very difficult to destroy factory that makes round flying robots. Not possibly to destroy just yet.

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To the goal

The goal has now better visuals so that players can easily see where to go not only on a map. It’s made totally with shaders. Not sure what will happen if some players would want to switch the shaders off…

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Trying to make a sky and a “ground” with one GLSL shader.

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Apocalyptic look and feel

New look and feel of the game. We have now designed a gameplay on paper and are going to work on the prototype over the next few weeks. One of the new features is an apocalyptic look and feel where … Continue reading

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Many islands problem

Many islands vs many frame rates…

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