Some progress towards next release

By on April 12, 2014

As I wrote earlier, we’re working hard on eliminating fatal bugs (that is, bugs crashing the game, not bugs killing the player).

Access violation

We’re still not quite there, but the game is getting more and more playable (even though the current release is far more stable than the one in development).

The problem isn’t really solving the problems. The problem is finding a solution, which doesn’t includes hacks and a solution which is long lived and will prevent similar problems from arising. Still, some of the crash bugs are now pointing to cleanup of objects. That is, objects being deleted from the scene and when loading a game while playing a game.

We’ve also found some time in-between the crash bugs to get rid of some of the smaller bugs and implementing some features, like pushing F for opening storehouses and other inventory screens. This is work in progress, and it’s likely to change (and crash) in the future.

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