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By on March 9, 2014

As you maybe know we are working iterative on our game these days. It means that we develop things in iterations. Each iteration is one week long in ideal, but mostly take more time. After releasing build 10, we decided that it is time to improve graphics in the game. The most important part in a game is of course gameplay, but without good graphics people often don’t want to even try it.

Working with graphics takes a whole lot of time. You try different techniques here and there and see how it looks. You can never be sure that you are finished with the task. In 2012, when we worked with a basics for texturing a dynamic 3d terrain it took us several months of work to get the terrain look somewhat good. It is difficult as you learn something all the time and dig and search and explore. After that we were so exhausted that now we take one little step at a time.

In build 12 we are working among other things with better textures.

Here is what we have achieved so far with plants and a start scene:

Burnt Islands start scene textures

Better stone and grass textures on islands

Better and more variable textures around plants

Better and more variable textures around plants

If you do have some input on better graphics for us – please, contact us or just leave your feedback in a game!


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