By on February 9, 2013

We are working on a playable prototype right now. One of the ideas we’d like to test out is a new grid.

An infinite world implies much grid data to process and show. That’s also the reason why the game was a little bit slow. Our world is implemented as a bunch of grid chunks, we’ve made these chunks bigger and placed a floating island in each of them.


These islands is the core of the gameplay idea we’re working on at the moment.

Also, the chunks loads as the player moves in the world and it no longer affects the framerate when new chunks load. The chunks are added in the background on an other thread than the game loop.


There are only a few islands at start. More islands are loaded dynamically.

Islands look exactly the same today and are generated in each chunk. The idea is that every player is going to “receive” it’s own chunk as a spawn point and then expand the region as a part of a gameplay.

This idea is generated from a tweeter post of a false Peter Molyneux @PeterMolydeux: “Action game where your child follows you. Must hide them when fighting and block out sounds of profanity with gunshots.” To be clear, this is not what we are implementing, but this phrase was a kick.


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