Our world is (almost) infinite

By on September 7, 2012

Our world has been designed around a concept of an (almost) infinite world. The actual size will vary, as we will experiment with chunk sizes. But as it stands at the moment, the grid is capable of latex path not specified.: 2^{32} number of chunks in all directions. Each chunk is latex path not specified.: 8*8*8 blocks large.

This gives us a theoretical world size of latex path not specified.: 2^{32} * 8 = 34359738368 in any direction.

In volume this is latex path not specified.: {(2^{32} * 8)} ^ {3} = 4,056481920730334e+31 cubic meters. In cubic kilometers this is 4,056481920730334e+22.

This is larger than the earth. The earth has a volume of “only” latex path not specified.: 1.08321*10^12 cubic kilometers.

Our game is much bigger than the earth!

In fact, it’s larger than the sun too (with a volume of 1.412*10^18 cubic kilometers).



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