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Glow with shaders

A little lightbulb on top of the tower made with glsl shaders. We are using XEffects library for some graphics effects and since this library is not supported any more we needed to make changes in the library in order … Continue reading

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Weird lighting

Can’t see a thing in the middle of the day! Some weird shadow effects. Here’s how it looks like without shadows:

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XEffects shadow queue

There is an issue with XEffects that we need to remember: pointers to scenenodes with shadows are being queued intern in XEffects and need to be deleted explicit. There’s especially an issue when objects like grid are being updated. So, … Continue reading

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Dynamic shadow demo

Here’s a demo of dynamic lighting for day-night cycle that I’ve implemented using XEffects. How’s it look?

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FPS drop with shadows

I’m still experimenting with shadows and XEffects and really have a problem with a frame rate. It drops from 50 to 5 in debug and it kind of bothering me. I’ve tried different combinations of filter types and shadow modes, … Continue reading

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