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Bit.ly tracking

Bit.ly is a link shortening service used by millions of people to share the links across different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and so on. If you add a + to the end of any bit.ly URL, you can see … Continue reading

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Diamond planet

A diamond planet has been found “just” 40 light years from earth. I’ve come to an idea of using a thick diamond layer in our game world. If it’ll be the layer just under a thin dirt-grass-sand layer and to … Continue reading

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You can now play “in browser”

Current version of the game is now available to play “in browser” (the link is on the front page)! It’s a java application that is wrapped around .exe file and resources. The application runs with Web Start. You need to … Continue reading

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New domain and .htaccess redirect

All content from monster.freya.no have been moved to monster.studiofreya.com, and all hits on monster.freya.no are gracefully / forcefully redirected to the same page on monster.studiofreya.com. For future reference, these three lines in .htaccess does the magic. Edit 08-09-2013: All pages … Continue reading

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