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World vs Doomsday

The clock just clocked 22. of December. Seems like we survived doomsday again :).

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How does it feel to swim like this?

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Infecting water

Programming water that fills empty spaces is not so easy as it may seem to be. You need to use some recursive functions in order to find out whether it’ll flow or not and where. I think my brain becomes … Continue reading

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Strange fog

Having an issue with very strange fog under water…

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Searching for creativity

The creative process is something which likes to hide. Today, I searched for it and I partly found it at the bottom of a pint of beer. It was just enough to take a few pictures before it disappeared. Code … Continue reading

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Under water fog

Underwater graphics with Irrlicht. To see the effect: 1. Set fog to the driver: m_Driver->setFog(video::SColor(0,72,209,204), EFT_FOG_EXP, 0, 1000, 0.5, true, false); 2. Enable fog on underwater materials: material.FogEnable = true;

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Water physics and graphics

We don’t think we’ll be adding real water physics after all. We’ve tried with Bullet Physics btHfFluid like in HeightFieldFluidDemo, but performance is really slow with this. 1 frame per second is not cool at all. The best solution would … Continue reading

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Testing terrain under water

Testing holes and caves under water. It looks like it’ll be hard for player to come out of the caves as they are very deep. Only jumping solves the problem for now.

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What is vacation?

There is no such thing as vacation for an indie game developer.

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Bunch of monsters

Playing around with the terrain and spawning a whole bunch of monsters.

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