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Test periods become longer

The longer we work on the game the longer are the test and bug fixing periods. First release took us one year to develop and one week to fix bugs. This release that was planned to be released “bug-free” today … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

I didn’t for two days. This: Versus this: Former was used with triangles when each index had their unique triangle and hence the loop could go 3-step increase. That was until I changed some things…

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Triangles are still complex

Trying to implement some memory saving and optimized representation of triangles interally in the game. Not so much success so far.

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The complexity of a triangle

Triangles are mostly simple structures living simple lives. But sometimes you forget how complex they really are. A usable triangle for 3D graphics usually contains: 3 3D-vectors in space 3 3D-normals 3 2D-texture coordinates To optimize, you can join some … Continue reading

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Room for improvements

Currently clocking in just below of 800k triangles in a simple scene. There is definitive room for improvement. Many of these chunks and triangles are either occluded, behind camera or just not facing the player.

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