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More resources

At the moment we’re working on adding resources. So far, so good. Here is a screenshot of the work in progress. Please, no references to Minecraft. Those cubes are to be replaced by real models soon!

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Many explosions

Testing physics by shooting many blue bombs in a scene with many objects. It gives heavy explosions and really bad frame rate 🙁

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Testing out an oil well

The game is progressing, and recently we added an oil well / refinery, which makes fuel for you. Fuel is used for flying. Here I’m testing different placements of the well, while testing that some bugs where fixed.

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Rare monster

Constraints in bullet physics make the head be attached to this monster’s body, but it obviously doesn’t place it quite right (on the back?) It can’t even manage to throw a bomb properly so that it kills the player! And … Continue reading

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A nest on a tree

A nest was spawned on a tree. Poor baby birds :((

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Test periods become longer

The longer we work on the game the longer are the test and bug fixing periods. First release took us one year to develop and one week to fix bugs. This release that was planned to be released “bug-free” today … Continue reading

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Pre-alpha test report

Testers of our pre-alpha version found some major and many minor bugs. There are performance issues together with program crash while exploding big bombs. Saving does not save everything yet. Texturing issues related to multithreading of the game. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Big bombs give program crash

Big bombs are now making big holes in the terrain. It’s not always that it works. Sometimes BOOST_ASSERT finds some invalid values and the program crashes :((( Right now you dig a small hole with the right mouse button and … Continue reading

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You can now play “in browser”

Current version of the game is now available to play “in browser” (the link is on the front page)! It’s a java application that is wrapped around .exe file and resources. The application runs with Web Start. You need to … Continue reading

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Performance: function templates or regular functions

Due to some cleanup in the grid handling code, I wondered what would be faster, in terms of performance, between function templates and regular functions. The numbers speak for their self. Function templates are way faster in this particular case. … Continue reading

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