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Difference between a game programmer and a hotel maid

Doing game programming as a hobby was rather interesting and exciting… Yes, was. Until we understood that in order to achieve your goal (that is “Release a game”) you need to do much, much and again very much boring work. … Continue reading

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Polar twilight

  Just about as much sun there is to get during polar night. Merry Christmas!

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I’m an engineer

This house began to lean forward and was going to fall. Local authorities obviously didn’t have money to repair it. Supporting the front part with beams was a cheap solution.

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Back in Russia

Here’s a neighbor house with 12 families that live there. It stands almost in the center of the town with approximately 50 thousand inhabitants. Their living conditions become definitely not better for the last 10 years.

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Deer outside our window

Here’s an ass of one of the two deers outside our window in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Afraid of bears in Russia? Try Oslo: squirrels, rabbits, foxes, wolfs, deers… even lynx!

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Linkedin endorsements are worthless

I’ve had a quick look over different endorsements on Linkedin. I noticed people who are not that good, technically, but great talkers, have many endorsements. While the really skilled people have no endorsements. The conclusion is, if you want a … Continue reading

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“Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.” -Homer Simpson

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Sluggish mind

Developing a game is a hard work, especially if it’s an indie game where a few people need to do everything. To get things done you need to hold on path and that means thinking about same things, day after … Continue reading

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Kent’s birthday today!


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Thoughts on game modes

Sandbox mode You’ve got everything infinite (materials, health, weapons). Can be played both as single-player and multiplayer. Social mode In this mode the players get to know each other and maybe build teams. The goal for this mode can be … Continue reading

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