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Why you need to release frequently

For the past months we’ve been trying to release Burnt Islands as frequent as we can, ideally every week. A “one week” goal is easy to set, but not so easy to maintain. What good things frequent releases bring: – … Continue reading

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Working with better graphics

As you maybe know we are working iterative on our game these days. It means that we develop things in iterations. Each iteration is one week long in ideal, but mostly take more time. After releasing build 10, we decided … Continue reading

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Appropriate number of bugs

Our project Burnt Islands reminds me more and more about the project European Air War. We have sometimes so many bugs that a huge amount of time goes to fixing them and not actually working on new features. So, as … Continue reading

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Removing warnings

It feels good to fix some 100 warnings. Most of them were easy though like “loss of data” in conversions. These come from the fact that we are using doubles in CPU code while graphics uses floats to run on … Continue reading

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Clean code

I like clean code. I like readable code. And I like well organized code. Take this snippet: And compare it to: For a compiler, they are not different. But for a human reading the code, the second one is just … Continue reading

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New terrain textures demo

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Black dots

Change of hardware – new bugs. We have some newer hardware at our workplace and it showed some unexpected bugs in shaders. Here’s what was wrong and how it was fixed.

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Bunch of monsters

Playing around with the terrain and spawning a whole bunch of monsters.

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Underwater progress

We finished dividing water from the grid and now it’s an own entity with own characteristics. I guess it’ll be easier to make it a “real water” now. Right now you can go under water because the only component the … Continue reading

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Premake seems nice

Until now we’ve been using the Visual Studio solution for describing how the bits and pieces fits together. But it’s a bit difficult to maintain the growing number of (own) libraries and configurations. Currently there is 3 libraries and 2 … Continue reading

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