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Rethinking a door

As a game progresses we set new goals. A new one for next release is more time players play “Burnt Islands”. In current release 0.13 the longest time played is 33 minutes. Which is bad. We get feedbacks where people … Continue reading

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Second attempt at Steam Greenlight

After our first attempt at Steam Greenlight, where we were totally smashed within 5 minutes, we decided to work more on graphics and representation of the game. After that, we were wondering how much we gain by simply improving “Burnt … Continue reading

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Burnt Islands also in Russian

In our next release (0.13) that will come soon we are implementing support for Russian language. Partly because half of our studio are Russians and partly because we saw the following statistics from Steam: Language number two at Steam is … Continue reading

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Some progress towards next release

As I wrote earlier, we’re working hard on eliminating fatal bugs (that is, bugs crashing the game, not bugs killing the player). We’re still not quite there, but the game is getting more and more playable (even though the current … Continue reading

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Why you need to release frequently

For the past months we’ve been trying to release Burnt Islands as frequent as we can, ideally every week. A “one week” goal is easy to set, but not so easy to maintain. What good things frequent releases bring: – … Continue reading

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Working with better graphics

As you maybe know we are working iterative on our game these days. It means that we develop things in iterations. Each iteration is one week long in ideal, but mostly take more time. After releasing build 10, we decided … Continue reading

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Monster pets are coming

Next release, 0.11, is a couple of days delayed. We where trying to get it out last Friday, but it slipped. There were a couple of things happening, and we were implementing new features and fixing bugs, which will significantly … Continue reading

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What feedbacks do game developers need to listen to?

One of the new features in build 0.02 of Burnt Islands is a feedback form where you can write your thoughts about the game. The code behind the form sends a request to a PHP script on a server and … Continue reading

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Moving from “Nest” prototype to “Burnt islands”

We’ve been working with a game idea “Nest” for a while now and see that there is no interest in this kind of game. The idea was to prototype a game where you play as a bird, growing your own … Continue reading

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Baby palm

This is my baby palm that you can plant in order to get more food. Somewhat thick and ugly though :))

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