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Nest gameplay prototype

New prototype is available for play. Use 1 or 2 to choose an inventory item you want to use. Then use the chosen inventory item by clicking “q”. There is only food in inventory right now that can be used … Continue reading

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Mine monster test

A little demo of how our new “mine monster” can be played with.

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Player tools demo: building a trap for monsters

We are starting to develop different types of weapons, building blocks and so on and so we needed a player tool functionality that is easy to use and remember. Here’s a demo of what we’ve done so far. It’s now … Continue reading

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Through the mountain

Digging through the mountain to the monsters castle. There are some bugs here like holes in terrain and many monsters castles over each other. Orientation of player seems also to be somewhat unstable if you hold a digging button (right … Continue reading

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Demo of new functionality: digging F

Digging a letter F for studio Freya.

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First self-made cave

It’s now possible to excavate in terrain, but be careful – you can fall through it!

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Jumping cubes test

Testing physics by shooting jumping cubes.

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Testing terrain under water

Testing holes and caves under water. It looks like it’ll be hard for player to come out of the caves as they are very deep. Only jumping solves the problem for now.

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Bunch of monsters

Playing around with the terrain and spawning a whole bunch of monsters.

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