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Texture site got texture number 1000!

Earlier in 2014 we began building our own high resolution textures site as it was quite difficult to get really good seamless textures for the game for free. All new textures that are being added are free one week. If … Continue reading

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I’m an engineer

This house began to lean forward and was going to fall. Local authorities obviously didn’t have money to repair it. Supporting the front part with beams was a cheap solution.

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Back in Russia

Here’s a neighbor house with 12 families that live there. It stands almost in the center of the town with approximately 50 thousand inhabitants. Their living conditions become definitely not better for the last 10 years.

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Deer outside our window

Here’s an ass of one of the two deers outside our window in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Afraid of bears in Russia? Try Oslo: squirrels, rabbits, foxes, wolfs, deers… even lynx!

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Engineer girls

The last one is not far from how I feel these days :))

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There are too few hours in a day

I’d like it to be more hours in a day. Also, Lamborghini’s do need help sometimes too. And there is not too much progress on multiplayer.

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GoPro Hero 2

I ordered the GoPro Hero 2 camera, and I actually pressed the “buy” button, before I saw that there will be Hero 3 cameras soon. I’ll wait for number 3. The only thing missing is either GPS and/or Glonass option… … Continue reading

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Playing around with caves

I’m playing around with different parameters for the cave generating algorithms. From inside one cave with two monsters at the bottom.

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Monster for Linux

The game is now available for Linux. Let us know if there are problems with the Linux version. Freshly pressed.

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Raining in the sun

The weather outside is good and a little bit bad.

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