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More resources

At the moment we’re working on adding resources. So far, so good. Here is a screenshot of the work in progress. Please, no references to Minecraft. Those cubes are to be replaced by real models soon!

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Explosions with performance issues

A video of a “Blue eye” weapon explosion in Burnt Islands after refactoring threads in the game. We’ve had a real bottleneck here!

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Many explosions

Testing physics by shooting many blue bombs in a scene with many objects. It gives heavy explosions and really bad frame rate 🙁

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Rare monster

Constraints in bullet physics make the head be attached to this monster’s body, but it obviously doesn’t place it quite right (on the back?) It can’t even manage to throw a bomb properly so that it kills the player! And … Continue reading

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It is now possible to gather things and build something with them. In the video I’ve gathered some metal plates and tried to build a bunker. You take an object from the inventory by clicking a number of the inventory … Continue reading

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Planting trees

A possibility to plant trees in order to gather food has it’s downside: many trees give much food and everything together – many physics shapes that slow down framerate. Maybe the trees need to die then?

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World vs Doomsday

The clock just clocked 22. of December. Seems like we survived doomsday again :).

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Explosion and player health

Today we’ve implemented physics based explosions. Now if a bomb explodes near some “real” objects they will receive an impulse from the explosion and will fly in different directions. More about how we implemented it here. Another new feature is … Continue reading

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Sponge monster

Sponge monster on its way to destination point. It’s made of cubes right now, but the main focus was to make it physics based. It’s head and body are a little bit heavy that’s why it leans forward. It cannot … Continue reading

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Dancing sponge monster

Playing with monster generation algorithm. Here’s a dancing sponge monster. It’s dancing not because it’s what I wanted, but because of physics constraints fails. If a constraint between two objects is placed so that one physics object is within the … Continue reading

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