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Upgrading Irrlicht

I thought I’d try to upgrade from the ancient version of Irrlicht we use (1.7.2) to something newer. Checked out the trunk version of Irrlicht, which is 1.9+ and not yet released. There were some bugs, which had to be … Continue reading

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Our bomb has a place to come from now. Today I’ve implemented a canon that shoots big bombs.

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A new weapon – rifle.

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A player in the air bug

A bug was a result of performance improvements of mesh culling methods. Solution and detail description of the bug is here.

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Stretched terrain textures bug finally fixed!

More on how we fixed it and shader samples here.

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First procedural texture

I’ve finally managed to apply a simple procedural texture. Everything is a little bit green, but it’s a progress :=D There’s been some difficulties with threads while working with procedural textures, similar to this. We have different threads in a … Continue reading

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Under water fog

Underwater graphics with Irrlicht. To see the effect: 1. Set fog to the driver: m_Driver->setFog(video::SColor(0,72,209,204), EFT_FOG_EXP, 0, 1000, 0.5, true, false); 2. Enable fog on underwater materials: material.FogEnable = true;

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