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Magic explosions

While testing a “Blue eye” weapon I noticed that you can shoot up in the air and the bombs will collide with each other making beautiful explosions. Also, this blue explosion cannot damage the ground any more, just robots. The … Continue reading

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Why you need to release frequently

For the past months we’ve been trying to release Burnt Islands as frequent as we can, ideally every week. A “one week” goal is easy to set, but not so easy to maintain. What good things frequent releases bring: – … Continue reading

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Working with better graphics

As you maybe know we are working iterative on our game these days. It means that we develop things in iterations. Each iteration is one week long in ideal, but mostly take more time. After releasing build 10, we decided … Continue reading

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Upgrading Irrlicht

I thought I’d try to upgrade from the ancient version of Irrlicht we use (1.7.2) to something newer. Checked out the trunk version of Irrlicht, which is 1.9+ and not yet released. There were some bugs, which had to be … Continue reading

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Glow with shaders

A little lightbulb on top of the tower made with glsl shaders. We are using XEffects library for some graphics effects and since this library is not supported any more we needed to make changes in the library in order … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic look and feel

New look and feel of the game. We have now designed a gameplay on paper and are going to work on the prototype over the next few weeks. One of the new features is an apocalyptic look and feel where … Continue reading

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Texturing terrain with a photo

We are turning terrain textures into apocalyptic mode and run thus into a problem of seamlessly tiled textures. We wanted to use a photo as a terrain texture, but the result was not so good. A really easy solution to … Continue reading

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Baby palm

This is my baby palm that you can plant in order to get more food. Somewhat thick and ugly though :))

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You can’t see me!

Physics shapes are not optimal yet.

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Weird lighting

Can’t see a thing in the middle of the day! Some weird shadow effects. Here’s how it looks like without shadows:

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