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Level of detail in mesh

Some resources and papers on how to reduce the number of triangles in a scene. http://vterrain.org/LOD/Implementations/

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Triangles are still complex

Trying to implement some memory saving and optimized representation of triangles interally in the game. Not so much success so far.

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The complexity of a triangle

Triangles are mostly simple structures living simple lives. But sometimes you forget how complex they really are. A usable triangle for 3D graphics usually contains: 3 3D-vectors in space 3 3D-normals 3 2D-texture coordinates To optimize, you can join some … Continue reading

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Room for improvements

Currently clocking in just below of 800k triangles in a simple scene. There is definitive room for improvement. Many of these chunks and triangles are either occluded, behind camera or just not facing the player.

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