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Tools/weapons ship

We have started to work on a new big feature for Burnt Islands – a tool/weapon ship. Player will be able to build a ship from resources available in inventory. Form of the ship and tools/weapons as well as a … Continue reading

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Rethinking a door

As a game progresses we set new goals. A new one for next release is more time players play “Burnt Islands”. In current release 0.13 the longest time played is 33 minutes. Which is bad. We get feedbacks where people … Continue reading

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Crash, crash & more crashes

I was supposed to be working on multiplayer and possibly a Mac release this month. However, we’ve gotten feedbacks the current release (0.12) is rather error prone and wants to crash all the time. It passed our initial tests, that’s … Continue reading

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Monster pets preview

A preview video of monsters that can be made your pets. Just switch a board card from red to green and you have a friendly monster instead of an enemy. When they are friendly they make dirt bombs for you … Continue reading

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Christmas vacation

We are taking some days off as a Christmas vacation. Although some of us can’t really lie it all down and here is a monster with its head buried in the ground. He he, he couldn’t even throw a bomb … Continue reading

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An idea for the next game

I recently found this site where you can generate game ideas, http://orteil.dashnet.org/gamegen. After trying a couple of times, I found this gem. A shooting game where you burn robot zombies but you don’t play a big role in the story … Continue reading

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Burnt Islands: prealpha gameplay demo

A small demo of gameplay recorded while testing the game. You find more bugs if you watch your videos after playing!

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Early gameplay demo

Finally an early gameplay demo of Burnt Islands. We are ready to release an early version of the game soon. Here I died in the beginning so this will be the first video out.

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They follow you

Here are buddies that follow you everywhere if you want. If not – just unfollow them and they will go on gathering resources.

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Bridge up

Functionality to build bridges is finished. You build it by placing start and end points in different places. I was trying to build it to the nearest island. You need a bridge in order to get your own creatures who … Continue reading

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