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Explosions with performance issues

A video of a “Blue eye” weapon explosion in Burnt Islands after refactoring threads in the game. We’ve had a real bottleneck here!

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Magic explosions

While testing a “Blue eye” weapon I noticed that you can shoot up in the air and the bombs will collide with each other making beautiful explosions. Also, this blue explosion cannot damage the ground any more, just robots. The … Continue reading

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Exploding oil barrels

You can now explode oil barrels with bombs and weapon. Some explosions from testing (a little bit slow as in debug mode).

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Many explosions

Testing physics by shooting many blue bombs in a scene with many objects. It gives heavy explosions and really bad frame rate 🙁

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Experimenting with islands

We’ve had some problems with the small size of our islands, namely that items constantly falls off the islands. Previously all islands fit into one chunk (when we had large chunks). That was the limiting factor then. Now we have … Continue reading

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World vs Doomsday

The clock just clocked 22. of December. Seems like we survived doomsday again :).

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Mine monster test

A little demo of how our new “mine monster” can be played with.

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Mine monster

New monster – mine monster. It “sleeps” until the player is within it’s detection range. Then it follows the player and explodes when it’s health is zero. Every interaction with player takes health from both.

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Explosion and player health

Today we’ve implemented physics based explosions. Now if a bomb explodes near some “real” objects they will receive an impulse from the explosion and will fly in different directions. More about how we implemented it here. Another new feature is … Continue reading

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Bombs gun

Here’s a new weapon – a gun that shoots small bombs. I thinks maybe these small bombs can also be like fireballs and be “on fire” till they explode at the end? A kind of flash bombs? I’m really impressed … Continue reading

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