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More resources

At the moment we’re working on adding resources. So far, so good. Here is a screenshot of the work in progress. Please, no references to Minecraft. Those cubes are to be replaced by real models soon!

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Rethinking a door

As a game progresses we set new goals. A new one for next release is more time players play “Burnt Islands”. In current release 0.13 the longest time played is 33 minutes. Which is bad. We get feedbacks where people … Continue reading

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A hole through the island

We are taking back some of the functionality around digging as it may be an interesting part of a gameplay. You can now “hide” nests by digging a hole and placing your babies there. Just don’t dig to much.

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New terrain textures demo

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Rocket building

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Pre-alpha release Demo!

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Test periods become longer

The longer we work on the game the longer are the test and bug fixing periods. First release took us one year to develop and one week to fix bugs. This release that was planned to be released “bug-free” today … Continue reading

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Go into caves

Today we’ve finished implementation of caves so that you can go there and do stuff (and not just fall through terrain). We’ve also gave up on boost::serialization and are going to implement our own saving. It’ll take some time, but … Continue reading

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Saving is implemented, but it’s rather crude. 50 kilobytes per chunk, and a regular number of chunks is >2000, the saves do take up too much space.

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Big bombs give program crash

Big bombs are now making big holes in the terrain. It’s not always that it works. Sometimes BOOST_ASSERT finds some invalid values and the program crashes :((( Right now you dig a small hole with the right mouse button and … Continue reading

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