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Tools/weapons ship

We have started to work on a new big feature for Burnt Islands – a tool/weapon ship. Player will be able to build a ship from resources available in inventory. Form of the ship and tools/weapons as well as a … Continue reading

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Monsters factory

Big and very difficult to destroy factory that makes round flying robots. Not possibly to destroy just yet.

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Trying to make a sky and a “ground” with one GLSL shader.

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Apocalyptic look and feel

New look and feel of the game. We have now designed a gameplay on paper and are going to work on the prototype over the next few weeks. One of the new features is an apocalyptic look and feel where … Continue reading

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Many islands problem

Many islands vs many frame rates…

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Planting trees

A possibility to plant trees in order to gather food has it’s downside: many trees give much food and everything together – many physics shapes that slow down framerate. Maybe the trees need to die then?

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Mechanics behind a game engine

We’ve worked on our own game engine for the last 1 and a half year (instead of the game) and now we’d like to tell about it. The point was to make a game, but we’ve fallen into the classic … Continue reading

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New terrain textures demo

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Everybody want monsters!

It looks like everybody want many and different monsters! So here’s what we are gonna do further: – Random generated monsters – Several different algorithms for monster meshes. – Monsters will be fighting with player and each other. – Those … Continue reading

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Long live laziness

We’ve worked on ambient occlusion lighting recently. After several days of coding our conclusion is: no way! So much code and performance for almost nothing! It’s kind of impossible to make it look good with large triangles. :(( But what … Continue reading

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