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Some progress towards next release

As I wrote earlier, we’re working hard on eliminating fatal bugs (that is, bugs crashing the game, not bugs killing the player). We’re still not quite there, but the game is getting more and more playable (even though the current … Continue reading

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Crash, crash & more crashes

I was supposed to be working on multiplayer and possibly a Mac release this month. However, we’ve gotten feedbacks the current release (0.12) is rather error prone and wants to crash all the time. It passed our initial tests, that’s … Continue reading

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Programming multiplayer

We’ve been having some difficulties with getting sane packets from A to B. Most of the time we’ve been getting big and scary screens like this: When the packets arriving are not in expected format, then stuff like this happens. … Continue reading

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Big bombs give program crash

Big bombs are now making big holes in the terrain. It’s not always that it works. Sometimes BOOST_ASSERT finds some invalid values and the program crashes :((( Right now you dig a small hole with the right mouse button and … Continue reading

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