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Burnt Islands: I have built my first ship

Looks kind of creepy but it’s a progress. Such a ship would be able to dig terrain in all 4 directions whenever it flies.

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Building a bridge

Trying to build a bridge between two islands in order to get my buddies over. Think I missed something in the code?

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It is now possible to gather things and build something with them. In the video I’ve gathered some metal plates and tried to build a bunker. You take an object from the inventory by clicking a number of the inventory … Continue reading

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First self-made cave

It’s now possible to excavate in terrain, but be careful – you can fall through it!

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Premake seems even nicer

There seems to be a workaround for my issue with premake. http://industriousone.com/topic/it-about-vpaths-and-filter-file The workaround is quite elegant:

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Premake seems nice

Until now we’ve been using the Visual Studio solution for describing how the bits and pieces fits together. But it’s a bit difficult to maintain the growing number of (own) libraries and configurations. Currently there is 3 libraries and 2 … Continue reading

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