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Enemy hiding

This enemy was spawned inside a grid. It can kill you, but you can’t kill or harm it. Such a bug :))

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Planting trees

A possibility to plant trees in order to gather food has it’s downside: many trees give much food and everything together – many physics shapes that slow down framerate. Maybe the trees need to die then?

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A nest on a tree

A nest was spawned on a tree. Poor baby birds :((

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Stuck in each other

Two birds were fighting over the same food and got stuck in each other. Here’s what happens when to equal objects want the same thing. I guess it’s a good thing that we all are different :))

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Birds are the main players in Nest. You yourself is a bird. Enemies and friendly birds look the same right now, but behave differently. You spot an enemy bird when it attacks you 🙂  

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Birds operated by themselves

We are working hard on making some playable gameplay prototype right now and here’s a a bird operated solely by itself with the help of artificial intelligence. It’s not maybe the most “smart” bird, but it can whirl over it’s … Continue reading

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