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Burnt Islands on Greenlight

We’ve decided to open Burnt Islands on Steam Greenlight and see if people really would like us to make this game. There has been a little stop in development as after 3 years we became exhausted. Without financial help and support we are currently not sure if we should proceed. Steam Greenlight is a good place to show us exactly what gamers want.

So, whether you like the game or not, please let us know by voting Yes or No !

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Burnt Islands: I have built my first ship

Burnt Islands building a space ship

Looks kind of creepy but it’s a progress. Such a ship would be able to dig terrain in all 4 directions whenever it flies.

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GLaDOS ceiling lamp that moves. Shut up and take my money

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Working with resources

I don’t have much to report about resources, except I’m still working on that. I decided to refactor some code, which I’m not quite done with yet.

There was an issue with an object factory in the code, responsible for creating items from inventory. It’s used many places and it takes time. Luckily the compiler do complain extensively about where and what is wrong.

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Tools/weapons ship

We have started to work on a new big feature for Burnt Islands – a tool/weapon ship. Player will be able to build a ship from resources available in inventory. Form of the ship and tools/weapons as well as a number of each will be totally defined by player. Here is what we have planned:

– Build ship with basic craftable boxes. You can build unlimited if you have resources to craft boxes.
– Attach tools and weapons to the ship.
– Jump up the ship and travel/do things (would need an energy tank filled with oil)
– Dig/build with the tools from the ship
– Transport resources

Here is what we have for now (boxes that can be attached to each other in order to make a big ship):
Building space ship in Burnt Islands. Here start boxes. Green.

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More resources

At the moment we’re working on adding resources. So far, so good. Here is a screenshot of the work in progress. Please, no references to Minecraft. Those cubes are to be replaced by real models soon!

screenshot_20140711T211504.347852 screenshot_20140711T211509.644155 screenshot_20140711T211522.875912

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Texture site got texture number 1000!

Earlier in 2014 we began building our own high resolution textures site as it was quite difficult to get really good seamless textures for the game for free. All new textures that are being added are free one week. If you are an indie or some artist that need textures, follow us on twitter and get all totally free textures as they are being added: @sf_textures

We were making sometimes really huge texture just for fun: this one is over 15000 pixels long (for really long walls).

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Explosions with performance issues

A video of a “Blue eye” weapon explosion in Burnt Islands after refactoring threads in the game. We’ve had a real bottleneck here!

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Magic explosions

Blue eye explosion in the airBlue eye explosion beautiful Burnt Islands game

While testing a “Blue eye” weapon I noticed that you can shoot up in the air and the bombs will collide with each other making beautiful explosions.

Also, this blue explosion cannot damage the ground any more, just robots. The reason for this is technical difficulties as you can shoot many bombs fast and thus the whole game will be busy updating terrain.

Shooting a house with a blue eye in Burnt IslandsBlue explosion island 4 in Burnt Islands

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