Second attempt at Steam Greenlight

By on May 23, 2014

steam attempt 2 burnt islandsAfter our first attempt at Steam Greenlight, where we were totally smashed within 5 minutes, we decided to work more on graphics and representation of the game. After that, we were wondering how much we gain by simply improving “Burnt Islands” Steam page. So, we took some more interesting screenshots with different explosions and graphic effects. We didn’t change description or video, although we made a new and more fancy logo.

With new screenshots and logo we’ve noticed also that people were bringing more time on our page then during the first attempt.

The new page was public for 25 minutes and got 37 new visitors. We’ve got 2 yes votes and 29 no votes this time. That gave us a ratio of 5/78. In order to get Greenlit we need an approximate rate of 60/40 which means that 60% of visitors should vote Yes. The results of changing a logo and the screenshots gave us thus 22% less no votes and 5% more yes votes. Much better!

All this shows that while it is important to have a “professional”-looking logo and cool screenshots, quality of video and description is the next step. Our video is somewhat boring and doesn’t exactly look good and description is at a minimum. So now we are going to work more on the quality of the content, make new cool video and continue improving graphics.


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