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By on January 21, 2013

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There is no doubt that a good looking user interface is important. No one says the opposite. But did you know exactly HOW important it is when you are programming something? We all see a huge success of Apple where they have managed to make billions of dollars selling the product that many companies did try to sell before, but without the right design.

Of course, when you buy something you expect that this thing is going to work as nice as it looks. So quality of the underlined system is important as well. But what’s more important?

Here’s some things to consider when answering the question:

1. If you try to sell something that’s 90% complete underneath, but has a horrible user interface then no one will be interested in even trying it (except your mom).

2. If you are selling something that’s 10% complete and have a 100% really good looking user interface than you’ll probably sell it right away. It maybe won’t receive good feedbacks, but was this really your goal?

What’s it telling us? That both things are important, but you have to make it look good.

Another discussion goes on how good does this “looking” has to be and how much of your time you are willing to spend here. Without the “underneath” no one will say that your product is a “really good value”.

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